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My question is not in the FAQs ?

Go to the contact section, our customer service will reply as soon as possible.

What do you do with my personal information stored on your website?

According to the law, you can exercise your right to access, modify, rectify and delete your stored data. Please do consult our website under "Legal Mentions" for the procedures.

What happens if I forget to wipe my data on my mobile phone ?

Our services systematically erase all data from received devices. So after sending your mobile, you will be unable to recover your personal data.

When and how will I get paid ?

Once the Mobile is received and checked, if the status of your Mobile is consistent with your statement, you will receive your payment by bank transfer within 10 working days after reception of your material.

How to track my package ?

Carefully note the number on your envelope. Go to the "My Account" under "My current sales" and click on "+ detail" you will find in the summary transaction a tracking link for the specific sale.

How much time do I have to send my mobile phone after the transaction on your website?

The value of your phone is valid for 15 days from the date of the transaction on the website. You must send your phone in that time to qualify for the offer to which you have subscribed. If the shipment is made beyond 15 days, the value of your mobile phone may have changed and you will receive a new offer. You will have a period of seven days to accept or reject the new offer. Warning ! If you reject the new offer and want to recover your mobile, shipping charges will be your responsibility

Is the shipment of my mobile insured and by who ?

The mobile is insurred by at their selling value. Thus you will have only to send your Mobile in the pre-paid envelope that we send to you and post it.

How many GSM can we send simultaneously ?

You can sell more than one Mobiles in a single transaction without limitation. Please note that you can put only two Mobile per prepaid bubble envelope.

How to send my Mobile ?

You will receive at home a few days after the initial contact, one or more prepaid bubble envelopes (depending on the number of products) .You therefore will not need to send us e-mail to make the request. insure your Mobile to their declarative value. You can even track your package on the website of BPost thanks to the dedicated tracking code provided.

Is an ID required ?

To resell your Mobile on the second hand market, Belgian law requires a document attesting to your identity. It is mandatory.

Are the accessories included ? accepts the phone with its battery and home charger.

Do you accept phones purchased abroad ?

Yes, if they can make a call with a Belgian sim card. If they can not make calls (blocked), they are also taken at the cost of a non-functional phone.

My mobile phone is not conform to my statement?

If after verification, it turns out that the state of the phone is not in accordance with your statement, we will email you a new price offer that you can accept or reject within 7 days. If you refuse our new offer and want to get back your mobile, the return shipment will be at your expense. In order to be paid as quickly as possible,it is imperative that your statement matches the state of your phone.

I do not know the model of my phone ?

Remove the battery and check the product label located in the battery compartment. The model of the phone must be indicated therein. If it's an iPhone, go to General-Information.

How to find the value of my Mobile ?

By using the above search engine or by clicking on a mobile phone brand.

How to sell my mobile phone?
How to send my mobile phone?
How do I get my payment ?
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Iphone 4 32GB
5 €
Sony Ericsson
3 €
Galaxy S7 Edge Duos
85 €
360 h1 I8320
4 €

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