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Mobile phones and their batteries contain toxic metals different such as lead, cadmium, lithium, etc. Their reuse contributes to the preservation of thw environment and raw materials.


The value of the unit at the time of notification will be kept for a period of two weeks from the date of notification. Concerning equipment that we receive in a period superior to two weeks of their notification, we will pay a corresponding amount to their market value at the date of their receipt.

The specified buyback price shall be net amounts VAT included, Webuy supports the delivery costs and the appliances processing costs.


If it turns out, after reception of the equipment concerned that the reported indications do not correspond to the brand or the model of the equipment sent, you will receive a corresponding amount to the value of the received devices. If the test results after reception of the devices do not match the information provided by the seller, the amount to pay will be adapted according to the results of our tests. In case of difference of test results, the unit concerned shall be subject to a new set of tests executed with another charger and / or batteries.

If you want the device or devices returned to you because you disagree with the results, an amount for processing and shipment fees will be asked.


To be declared functional, the device in question must meet all of these conditions:
The mobile turns on and off et can send/receive calls.
Is received with its battery (not inflated) and back shell.
Presents no display problem, hits marks(cracks, burns, broken), oxidation sign
screen (touch) is intact and functional..

If one of these criteria is not respected, your device is not considered as functional.

Any device that does not meet the conditions that precede or is secured by a password or code will judge useless. These conditions do not apply to devices very damaged by moisture or presenting among other things has a broken or altered LCD screen, broken equipment or whose case is incomplete. These units will not be bought.


You will freely receive at your home 48 hours after your transaction on site, one or more bubble envelopes pre-paid (depending on the number of products) .You therefore will not need to send us an e-mail to make the request. provides warranty declarative value of your Mobile. You can even track your package on the BPost website thanks to the dedicated tracking code provided.

Note that if your mobile phone trade-in value is less than or equal to 10 euros, a simple pre-paid envelope will be sent to you.


If we diccover a SIM card and / or a memory card during the treatment process of one or more devices, we will extract and destroy it in an environmentally friendly method to prevent abuse.


It is you who bear the responsibility for the removal of personal or confidential data recorded, passwords or other security codes on your devices.

RESPONSABILITY buys back your appliances and your dicline all responsability from contractual or other obligations that you would be likely to have contracted during the acquisition of or referred devices.

When registering and executing tests in our depot, we also ensure the absence of fraud or eventual theft Based on the identification IMEI number of examined devices. If otherwise, we will transmit your details to the competent authorities.


The agreed amount will be paid 10 days after the reception and registration of the device in our depot. For a settlement within 10 days of the total amount, you must ensure a correct recording of your bank account number and other important coordinates.

Your details will only be used to proceed to the proper settlement of this transaction.


Any eventual complaint regarding this service will first be examined by
a. Any dispute concerning this Convention will be judge by a Belgian competent court.
b. This Convention is subject to Belgian law.


Iphone 4 32GB
5 €
Sony Ericsson
3 €
Galaxy S7 Edge Duos
85 €
360 h1 I8320
4 €

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